Grand River Amazing Race, June 20, 2015

January 03 2015

Amazing Race Poster Page 1


Amazing Race Poster Page 2If you would like to donate to one of the PCL teams participating in the Grand River Amazing Race, you can do it here   

Listed below are the teams that will be representing PCL at the Grand River Amazing Race. Just click on the team and it will take you to the page where you can donate to that team:

Girls on Fire (Diane Hustwitt and Ashley Jones)

The Mockingjays (Jessica Rivers and Jamie Curtis)

Rough Riders (Emma Walsh and Julio Realegeno)

Sloth (Emily Waymouth and Kara Reid)

Split Personalities (Mary Anne Linka and Brenda Van Houtven)

The Girls on Fire (Kristy Sibille and Amber Parks)


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